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LinguaLegal translation and consulting company provides comprehensive language services for the global market. We serve companies in various sectors of the economy but have laid special emphasis on rendering legal, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial and economic texts from English into all major and rare languages, as well as from those into English.

Our translation company’s rates are roughly 1/2 of the rates charged by mainstream American and Western European translation companies, while our direct link with our freelance resources often means higher quality and greater flexibility, not to speak of the personal touch that only a small company like our can really offer.

By using only experienced and carefully tested native speakers of the target languages and employing a three-tier quality assurance process (translation – editing –proofreading), our translation company can ensure the highest quality and a focus on meeting deadlines in an uncompromising and consistent manner.

Our specialties include Eastern European languages (such as Russian,Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian or Slovenian),Turkic group of languages (Turkish,Azeri,Kazakh,Kyrgyz,Uzbek,Turkmen,Tatar,Gagauz,Uyghur,Karakalpak,Kypchak,Khakas) Icelandic, Chinese, rare languages (such as Tagalog,Yoruba, Twi, Amharic, Swahili, Vietnamese or Navajo), as well as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Scandinavian languages. In each of these languages, our translators can undertake translation projects in various areas from international and domestic clients. References are available upon request.Our company has put together an extremely unique and comprehensive database of freelance translators, and the fact that we use them directly instead of relying on subcontractors makes us even more cost-effective and stand out from the crowd of translation agencies populating the global market. Another cost-decreasing factor is our use of translation software such as Trados, SDLX and Wordfast (generally referred to as CAT tools), which makes our linguists’ work smoother, harmonises terminology and speeds up the entire process while quality is maintained across projects (thanks to the translation memories referred to as TM’s) even if we employ a new translator after a while on a given long-term project for one reason or another.

Break Language Barrier Translation Communication UnderstandingAmong the types of material we regularly translate are business contracts, agreements, business and personal correspondence, statutes, rules and regulations, newspaper articles, electronic books,books, publications, instructions manuals, patient leaflets, minutes,specifications, technical manuals,PowerPoint presentations and academic papers.

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The only leadership that is shown by energy conglomerates is to sustain the corporate structure not our energy.


We execute product training for the team offering technical support for the team and customers whenever needed.

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Utmost Satisfaction in provided to the customers with most probable solutions.

our mission

We pride ourselves on resilience and reliability, combined with a flair for communication both with our freelancers and our clients. We are always online, available 24/7,365 days ayear during European daylight hours, and we check our e-mail several times a day every day. Our translation company’s staff will be more than happy to answer any question you may have concerning our working method, capabilities, expertise and availability for your translation needs.

We are ready and eager to prove our abilities through a test translation of up to 200 words in any of our numerous languages in one or more subject matters, as you deem appropriate.

Our translation company’s rates are roughly 1/2 of the rates charged by mainstream American and Western European translation companies.

our promise

Confidentiality is guaranteed and given the utmost attention. Your material will never be disclosed to third parties without your express wish or permission, and unless you ask our translation company to keep your documents on file, we’ll delete them upon completion of the given project.